I'm on a journey. I doubt that I will ever finish the journey but this collection of writings, I hope, will document my journey.

I bought my first camera at the age of 16, a Praktica LTL with lawn mowing money. Deep down I had harboured fantasies of being the next Bob Capa. It never happened. I chose, rightly or wrongly, to become a geophysicist, even though I had the option at registration of going into English and Journalism. A toss of a coin (how's that for career planning) and here we are today.

Of late I've been wanting to seriously improve my photographic efforts, reading voraciously, going to galleries, shooting almost every day (I have to be careful not to go all Winograd and get into the darkroom and do something with those images, like learn from them), and attending seminars and workshops when they roll into Calgary.

So, I hope you join me on my voyage of discovery. Comments, critiques and respectful conversation are always welcome.


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